About r3.o

As a “for-impact”-Initiative, r3.0 was established in 2013 and serves as a global platform to scout out and accelerate context for thriveable transformation that help to bring the global economy onto a sustainable path and to make a green, inclusive and open economy reality. We focus on redesign, resliliance and regeneration. It is an answer to the need for consolidation and convergence in a fragmented market economy. It serves as a neutral, pre-competitive and market-making platform and instigates multi-stakeholder collaboration toward a “North Star” for new breakthroughs serving thriveable transformation. It held six major global conferences to explore and shape the field and various Transition Labs and Transformation Journey Programs. In 2015, r3.0 has launched its Series of five Blueprint projects. In 2018 r3.0 started the Transformation Journey Program to help implement its recommendations deriving from the Blueprints. Furthermore, r3.0 became the lighthouse initiative of Oncommons, a not-for-profit gGmbH, registered in Berlin, Germany, founded early 2017. This allows r3.0 to benefit from a broader array of funding opportunities. Oncommons is also registered as 501(c3) organization in the US, and has plans to broaden its reach into other areas necessary to make a Green, Inclusive and Open Economy a reality.